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Success Story: Benjamin Gundlach

April 22, 2015

After retiring from a 31-year career as a middle school teacher, Benjamin experienced health issues that led to hospitalization, surgery and a lengthy recovery. Though able to return home, Benjamin simply didn’t have the energy to make healthy meals or keep up with household chores. With his family residing in south Florida, Benjamin knew he needed a little extra help to get back to living a healthy life.

Upon his release from St. Vincent’s Hospital, Benjamin was able to transition back home with the comfort of knowing he was supported by United Way’s Elder Care Advocates initiative, which provides coordinated services for elderly patients exiting the hospital to ensure a faster, healthier recovery without rehospitalization.

“These services sure did help me recover,” Benjamin said.

Benjamin was able to have meals delivered weekly from Meals on Wheels, as well as receive housekeeping services to keep his living environment safe and clean. Benjamin is especially grateful for his housekeeper, who recognized his exhaustion and regularly prepared a pot of homemade spaghetti for him to eat throughout the week as a little something extra. “These services sure did help me recover,” Benjamin said, and he continues to look forward to experiencing the best possible quality of life.