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The Big Impact of Education

October 24, 2014

Changing outcomes in education requires sustainable initiatives focused on both prevention and intervention over the course of a student’s academic career. Before students even enter elementary school, United Way has programs in place to ensure they are prepared to succeed and stay on track through graduation.

This commitment to improving education is rooted in impactful research that demonstrates how a high school diploma can dramatically improve the quality of life for the individual and the community at large. From preparing students to read before entering kindergarten to providing mentors that support students in overcoming non-academic barriers to success, United Way knows we all win when a student completes his or her education on time.

According to the Florida Department of Education, the graduation rate in Duval County has increased 18.6% over the past five years to 72.1% in 2013. The Alliance for Excellence in Education, in partnership with State Farm, illustrated the impact that another 18% increase in graduation rates could have on our metropolitan area.

Economic Benefits of Increasing Graduation Rate

Their statistics show that just 3,200 more diplomas mean $32 million in increased spending, $40 million in increased earnings, and $77.8 million in increased home and auto sales. That’s a big economic impact that contributes to improving the quality of life for everyone in Northeast Florida.

So, how can you become a part of moving the meter on graduation to make Northeast Florida a better place for everyone to live, work and raise their families?

  • Volunteer as a ReadingPal for just 30 minutes a week to prepare a 3- or 4-year-old to read in kindergarten and build a solid foundation for learning.
  • Support Success By 6 through the Community Impact Fund, and help us recruit the passion, expertise and resources necessary to maximize our impact in education.
  • Become an Achievers For Life mentor and make a permanent difference in the life of a middle school student not on track to graduate on time.