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Racial Equity

Driving racial equity through a collaborative approach to community empowerment

The Challenge

Our mission for racial equity is fueled by the pressing need for substantial and transformative systemic change. Persistent disparities within our communities underscore this urgency, as evidenced by concerning statistics on juvenile arrests, especially among youth of color. Despite a decrease in youth arrests amid COVID-19, data reveals an alarming 9% average increase in juvenile arrests across all Northeast Florida counties from 2021 to 2023.

To confront these disparities head-on, we are dedicated to fortifying education and amplifying awareness. The insights from United Way's 2023 ALICE Report shed light on the financial challenges encountered Black and Hispanic families, hindering their ability to provide quality programs for their children. This emphasizes the pivotal role of empowering organizations and nurturing leaders to forge pathways for marginalized communities.

The Goal

Our overarching objective is to eliminate disparities and systemic inequities that impede the progress and prosperity of communities of color. Insights underscore the profound impact of these disparities, particularly in areas such as education, healthcare, employment, and housing.

• Ensuring access to quality education, including resources and support services.

• Promoting equitable healthcare access and addressing disparities to improve health outcomes.

• Advancing economic opportunities and entrepreneurship initiatives to foster financial empowerment and wealth creation.

• Advocating for fair housing policies and addressing housing discrimination to ensure access to safe and affordable housing options.

• Supporting community-led initiatives that amplify the voices of marginalized communities and promote civic engagement and social justice.

The Solution

At United Way, we prioritize strategies identified through our rigorous needs assessment process to actively combat disparities and systemic inequities hindering the advancement and prosperity of communities of color. Through targeted, evidence-based approaches tailored to each community's unique needs, we strive to foster lasting positive change and champion equity for all individuals.