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About Us

Who we are. What we do. And why we do it.

Our Vision

A community of opportunity where everyone has hope and can reach their full potential


Our Mission

To solve our community’s toughest challenges by connecting people, resources and ideas

Together, we will amplify good -- today and for generations to come.

Economic Mobility Framework

What is economic mobility? It’s the ability of any individual, regardless of the color of their skin or the zip code in which they were born, to improve their economic position over time. It’s how we measure the “American Dream,” or the fundamental idea that each generation can do better than the one before.
As a whole, the United States offers less opportunity for an individual to rise out of poverty than other developed nations; but the most striking variations in opportunity can be seen when comparing different geographic regions within the country.


Today, Northeast Florida ranks among the worst of these regions. Research shows that for every 20 children born into poverty in our community, only one will climb the economic ladder and become a high-earning adult.


Our economic mobility framework is the roadmap to a better, more inclusive outcome.


The final phase of a thoughtful and deliberate process years in the making (which was recently underscored by generous gifts from philanthropist MacKenzie Scott and Miller Electric), this strategic approach is centered on three essential impact areas: Basic Needs, Financial Well-Being and Racial Equity. Within each impact area are priority strategies and targeted indicators that, if moved in the right direction, can help us reach our collective goal of a community of opportunity.