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Empowering Leaders

By fostering a community of dedicated leadership, we pave the way for sustainable progress and meaningful transformation.

Lead with Purpose

At the heart of a thriving community lies dedicated leadership. Your passion, expertise, time and generosity are the essential building blocks of lasting change. Together, we can cultivate a community of empowered leaders, shaping a brighter future for Northeast Florida.

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Cone Health

Tocqueville Society

Leaders in giving | $10,000 or higher annual gift
Established in 1982 in Northeast Florida, The Tocqueville Society honors individuals and couples for their remarkable voluntary service and philanthropic leadership. These leaders focus on creating lasting change by prioritizing basic needs, financial stability and racial equality to improve quality of life. Join us to be part of a group of people who want to make positive changes in Northeast Florida's community.

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Emerging Tocqueville

Emerging philanthropists | $2,500 or higher step-up program
Emerging Tocqueville Society are young professionals seeking to enhance leadership, make a lasting community impact and grow charitable contributions. Members enjoy exclusive Tocqueville Society benefits, networking, career development, volunteer experiences and unique events, fostering lifelong philanthropy.

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Women United

Leadership society for women | $1,000 or higher annual gift Women United provides exclusive networking events, volunteer opportunities and a community investment network. It aims to inspire and empower women through philanthropy, leadership and service, celebrating their ability to effect positive change. Members benefit from tailored social gatherings, volunteer opportunities and networking events for female leaders in Northeast Florida, enhancing community engagement and support.

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Leaders United

Leading philanthropists | $1,000 or higher annual gift
Leaders United cultivates community-focused philanthropists for impactful change by connecting members through professional development, volunteering and networking, and gaining access to exclusive events. This group offers a platform for business professionals to engage with United Way, fostering leadership growth and community impact.

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Atlantic Circle

Young professional group | $500 or higher annual gift
This rising leaders group offers young adults avenues for philanthropy through volunteering, networking, and leadership development. Designed for community impact and valuable experiences, they engage in volunteering, fundraising and emphasizing holistic approaches to address social issues.

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