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Tocqueville Membership

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The Changemakers

Tocqueville Society members, leading supporters of United Way of Northeast Florida, contribute at least $10,000 annually to drive philanthropic impact and create opportunities. Join the Tocqueville Society to be alongside prominent Northeast Florida leaders, showcasing your commitment to philanthropy.

Meet the Tocqueville Society Chairs

Katie and Michael Boniface chair the 2023-2024 Tocqueville Society. Katie, a lead engineer at Mayo Clinic Florida, was introduced to United Way through a work campaign during a college internship. She has since engaged in various roles, including as a Stein Fellow member and now as an alumna. Mike, an assistant professor of emergency medicine at Mayo Clinic Florida, learned about United Way through Mayo Clinic's corporate campaign and has actively participated on the steering committee. Mike and Katie live in Jacksonville with their three daughters and look forward to meeting you soon.

Recognition Programs

Centennial Circle

Celebrate our 100th anniversary by joining the exclusive Centennial Circle. With a one-time $10,000 gift to United Way's Community Impact Fund in 2024, you'll become a distinguished member. Your generosity will be recognized on our anniversary webpage and at all 2024 events, securing your legacy in United Way's history. Centennial Circle welcomes companies too.

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Emerging Tocqueville

This group offers exclusive Tocqueville Society privileges by committing to an initiative that increases contributions over time, explores philanthropic avenues and gradually elevates membership.

• Year 1: Pledge $2,500, limited networking & recognition in Emerging Tocqueville & Tocqueville Society
• Year 2: Contribute $3,000
• Year 3: Contribute $4,000
• Subsequent years: Continue Tocqueville Society support with Weaver Challenge

J. Wayne and Delores Barr Weaver Challenge

The Weaver Challenge allows individuals to join the Tocqueville Society with a $6,000 contribution and inspires current members to strive for higher levels of giving.

• Year 1: Contribute $6,000, becoming member of the Tocqueville Society
• Year 2: Contribute $8,000 receive recognition at $10,000
• Subsequent years: contribute $10,000 personally

Tocqueville Membership