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Meet Eric

October 1, 2014

Few words are as powerful as those from a student who believes in his or her own future. Eric’s story demonstrates the transformational power of the neighborhood-based Full Service Schools initiative, which seeks to meet health and human service needs to help students overcome non-academic barriers to success.

Eric TurnerMy name is Eric Turner. I am 17 years old and entering the 11th grade at Terry Parker High School. I have been receiving services since the 8th grade. When I first began working with Full Service Schools, it was because I was having difficulty with being defiant and exhibiting anger issues and disruptive behaviors.

While working with Ms. Wilkerson at Arlington Family Resource Center, I made major progress by avoiding fights, not receiving referrals and learning how to walk away from negative situations. I also learned coping skills to assist with life stressors. I am fostering healthy relationships with teachers, peers and school administrators.

For me to have accomplished these goals is a major improvement that puts me one step closer to reaching my goals for the future. Before counseling, attending college wasn’t an aspiration; now I can envision myself attending college once I graduate high school.”

– Eric Turner, junior at Terry Parker High School
& Arlington Family Resource Center client

United Way’s Full Service Schools understands that a student’s academic potential is often complicated by factors outside of the classroom. For many students, this comes in the form of mental, emotional or behavioral struggles. Full Service Schools is designed to respond to these needs by providing free therapeutic counseling to help students cope with these feelings in a healthy way. Because these services were available to Eric, college became a reality, setting him on a path to greater financial stability and a healthier life.

We are proud of Eric and the progress he has made, and we are thankful to the generous donors and volunteers who make initiatives like Full Service Schools possible, so that everyone can lead a healthy and productive life.


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