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Meet ALICE Experience

Experience ALICE

Despite recent wage growth, over 38% of Northeast Florida residents continue to struggle to make ends meet. The Meet ALICE Experience highlights this critical issue, offering a powerful simulation that immerses you in the daily challenges faced by ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) households. Through this experience, you’ll encounter the tough choices many working individuals and families must make regarding housing, healthcare, and basic necessities. Join us to gain a deeper understanding of what it means to live on the brink of financial stability.

What Would You Do?

This immersive simulation, developed by United Way, presents realistic scenarios such as housing insecurity and soaring healthcare expenses. Through engaging in role-playing exercises, participants navigate the tough decisions ALICE households make daily, such as housing insecurity, healthcare expenses and limited access to essential resources.

Reflection and Discussion

After the simulation, participants engage in discussions to reflect on their experiences. These conversations delve into the profound implications of economic hardship on individuals and communities, exploring potential pathways for meaningful solutions. The ALICE Experience fosters empathy and a commitment to support initiatives aimed at improving financial stability, helping participants understand the critical needs of nearly 40% of our community and how the nonprofit sector works to bridge these gaps.
By actively participating in the Meet ALICE Experience, you gain a profound understanding of the harsh realities ALICE households face. You also appreciate the critical significance of supporting initiatives to bolster financial stability for every community member.   Secure your spot for the Meet ALICE Experience today and take the pivotal first step toward catalyzing positive change within our community. Learn more by contacting us.

It reminds us to be grateful for things we take for granted: a vehicle, a roof and food. Everyone faces challenges; let's remember that.

My experience just reminded me of how I raised my children because we were a part of the ALICE population.

Acting the role of a student was humbling, showing how life decisions can be out of control. Students should advocate for themselves with resources.