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Living United is Giving Back

November 26, 2014

As part of our “Lights! Camera! Impact!” internal campaign, we split our organization up into four teams named after famous movie studios. Each studio could earn points for their team by participating in different activities that demonstrated how we live united to make a big impact.

As part of the competition, we challenged our staff to write a blog sharing what it means to them to live united. After numerous submissions, the committee chose a post by Corinne Hinds, Administrative Assistant for Volunteer and Community Engagement. Read her take on what living united means, and why she loves being a part of the United Way family.

Corinne HindsThere is absolutely nothing in life more rewarding than knowing that you’ve made someone smile or that you’ve made someone’s day just a little bit brighter.

Giving back is the fuel that feeds my soul and makes me feel complete. I wake up every morning looking forward to how I can be a part of improving someone’s quality of life. I leave work in the evening knowing that I helped in some small way to make a difference.

Goodness and kindness in others inspires me and helps me to become a better person. I am amazed at my fellow co-workers and how creative and dedicated they are to their craft. I recall the first week that I began in the Volunteer and Community Engagement department. The acceptance and warmth engulfed me and the common goal was evident. “Making a difference” is the common thread that binds this special group together and ignites the passion. Laughter and creativity radiates throughout these halls on a daily basis, and the respect and consideration for one another freely flows throughout the organization.

Our special group has one common goal. The goal is quite clear and is ingrained in our being. We are committed to excellence out in the field and to our vision of creating a better and more prosperous life for others in our community. Giving back today, tomorrow and every day is what “Living United” means to me.