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Category: Success Stories

Success Story: Reggie James

With RealSense, James no longer worries about whether his taxes are going to be done properly or where the money is going to come from to get them prepared.

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Success Story: Elizabeth and Jayden

Jayden is a bright young learner who has thrived in a high-quality early learning center, made possible by a free two-year early learning scholarship through Success By 6. Watch their story here.

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Success Story: Tierney Williams

Tierney needed a strong academic foundation and a champion for his goals to graduate on time. He found both in Achievers For Life and his mentor, Mickey McCown.

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Success Story: “Julie” and 2-1-1

When “Julie” came home from work the day before Thanksgiving, she discovered that her utilities were disconnected. Panicked by her situation, Julie called United Way of Northeast Florida’s 2-1-1, where a highly-trained specialist helped direct her to the right place to get her power restored.

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Success Story: Jessica Broadway

With the support of her family, Full Service Schools helped Jessica overcome depression and anxiety to be successful in her goals.

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Mentoring Works: Darion and Phillip

Darion and Phillip shared how mentoring makes a difference by offering support, accountability and a meaningful personal relationship that helps keeps students on track to graduation.

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Living United is Reaching Back

I LIVE UNITED because I know how difficult it is to go through life alone without a person to lead and guide you in the right direction.

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Phoenix’s Success Story

When Phoenix faced mental health challenges, Full Service Schools provided individual counseling that helped him gain the communication skills he needed. Watch Phoenix’s story to learn more.

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Kimberly’s Success Story

Recently divorced and a mother of two college-aged children, Kimberly was struggling with day-to-day expenses and wasn’t sure where to turn next. She learned about United Way’s RealSense free tax preparation sites, and quickly made an appointment. Watch Kimberly’s story to see how United Way made a big impact on her life.

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Terrell’s Success Story

After two years in a Success By 6 center, Terrell comes home from school excited to show what new things he learned.

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