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Category: Success Stories

Phoenix’s Success Story

When Phoenix faced mental health challenges, Full Service Schools provided individual counseling that helped him gain the communication skills he needed. Watch Phoenix’s story to learn more.

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Kimberly’s Success Story

Recently divorced and a mother of two college-aged children, Kimberly was struggling with day-to-day expenses and wasn’t sure where to turn next. She learned about United Way’s RealSense free tax preparation sites, and quickly made an appointment. Watch Kimberly’s story to see how United Way made a big impact on her life.

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Terrell’s Success Story

After two years in a Success By 6 center, Terrell comes home from school excited to show what new things he learned.

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Meet Eric

Eric’s story demonstrates the transformational power of Full Service Schools, which seeks to meet the health and human service needs of local students.

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Amanda & Hailey’s Success By 6 Story

Amanda Reeder’s situation made affording quality child care for her daughter, Hailey, nearly impossible, until Amanda’s sister-in-law told her about a United Way initiative called Success By 6.

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Success Story: Diamante

With the help of Full Service Schools, Diamante grew from a shy student with a stutter to a debate team champion.

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Kimberly’s Ways to Work Story

Kimberly was a single mother whose only form of transportation was the bus. When she heard about the Ways to Work program at church, she jumped at the chance to change her family’s life.

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