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TD Auto Finance wins the Backpack Challenge

October 6, 2015

IMG_6248 td auto

TD Auto Finance has won the backpack challenge.
It was a close win. But TD Auto Finance has won this year’s Backpack Challenge by bringing in over 2,000 school supply items that will go to help students at Sandalwood Full Service Schools. The prize will be 10 tickets to the Jacksonville Jaguars/Texans game on October 18th.

“TD Auto Finance is continuously looking for opportunities to help our local community,” Katie DiPietro, Backpack Challenge Event Coordinator for TDAF,said. “When speaking with the director of Sandalwood Family Resource Center (SFRC), she expressed that one of their largest needs is school supplies. The United Way Backpack Challenge was a perfect campaign for our donations to help SFRC, the surrounding schools and our own local students.”

Coming in a close second was JM Family- Southeastern Toyota. They also collected close to 2,000 items, only missing TDAF’s supply drive numbers by a few dozen.

The United Way Backpack Challenge is an annual direct impact effort that ensures students in Northeast Florida go back to school with the tools they need to succeed. The goal was to fill as many clear or mesh backpacks as possible so that kids can experience greater academic success and their families can be more financially stable this school year.