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Student on path to success thanks high-quality early learning

September 1, 2017



When Brenda Manson, single mom of Jimmy, learned the cost for Jimmy’s prekindergarten child-care would increase, she didn’t know what to do. She loved his current high-quality early-learning center, but she could no longer afford it.

She enrolled Jimmy in a new child-care center, and it just wasn’t the same, she said. There were less learning activities and engagement between the children and staff. She worried Jimmy would not do well once in school.

One day, upon learning about Success By 6 from a staff member at her preferred child-care center, Brenda applied for the scholarship program.

Success By 6 is a partnership between United Way of Northeast Florida, the Early-Learning Coalition of Duval, Episcopal Children’s Services and top-rated early learning centers. The initiative offers two-year scholarships to hardworking families who do not qualify for state subsidies. In addition, with the scholarship funds, child-care centers are able to improve their quality of care, helping all children at the center, not just those on scholarships like Jimmy.

Soon after submitting her application, Brenda was thrilled to learn Jimmy was granted a scholarship, allowing him to to return to their previous child-care center.

Not only did Success By 6 help the family financially, Jimmy received high-quality early learning, which is essential for success later in life.

Now, Jimmy is in fifth grade doing well in school. He wants to be an engineer when he grows up.

Jimmy and Brenda’s story is just one example of the thousands of lives changed by initiatives like Success By 6 every year. Moreover, Success By 6 is just one example of more than 80 initiatives supported by United Way of Northeast Florida and its partners in the areas of youth success, financial stability, health and basic needs.

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