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Funding FAQs

Frequently asked questions pertaining to Priority Goals funding from United Way of Northeast Florida.

About Funding Changes

What research has gone into United Way’s decision to change its funding process and philosophy?
United Way sought best practices from United Way organizations across the country. These learnings have shown this model to be a highly effective, results-driven funding strategy.


When the funding process is opened to all community agencies, won’t there be less money available?
United Way has not set a specific funding pool or funding percentage for its three strategic priorities at this time. There will be several determinants for setting the funding pools such as the current United Way fundraising campaign and the number of agencies seeking funding in each strategic priority area.


Will United Way be seeking large grant awards in order to fund some of its Community Impact work?
Yes, it is our hope that, in partnership with our funded agencies, we can tell a compelling story and attract larger national funders as well as compete for Federal opportunities.



Will our agency have to apply for funding every year?
Funding contracts cover two years from the start date of the agreement. United Way volunteers will review outcomes and finances annually. United Way reserves the right to extend contracts for additional years. The actual amount and timing of payments is dependent upon:


  • Program compliance and outcomes
  • Success of annual United Way fundraising campaigns


Can our agency seek funding for multiple programs?
Yes. While not encouraged due to nonprofit limited resources, you can seek funding under Priority Goals that best fits your organization. Agencies must have provided the Priority Goal(s) strategy for a minimum of three years and have an established track record in that work.


How will agencies be notified of successful prequalification?
The top executive or organization’s application lead will be contacted by email.


Will United Way continue to allow donors to designate their pledges to specific agencies?
Although United Way encourages unrestricted donations to support United Way’s broad community goals, designations are still allowed to health and human-services organizations.


Funding Areas

What are the funding areas available through United Way of Northeast Florida?
United Way is focusing on three areas of funding that will roll out over the next three to four years. Basic Needs focuses on safety net programs; Priority Goals will focus on specific strategies in the areas of youth success, financial stability and health. Priority Neighborhoods is currently in development and will be geographically specific funding. There will be specific Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) announcements and applications for each area.



My agency is a new 501(c)(3). Can we apply for United Way funding?
Agencies must demonstrate at least a three-year history of providing the service for which they seek funding.


My agency is applying for funding in Priority Goals. Can we also apply in another area?
Yes. Agencies can change their currently funded program(s) and seek funding in the areas they feel are a good fit. Those agencies that apply for services under Priority Goals can also seek funding in the Priority Neighborhoods area once that strategy is finalized. Basic Needs funding has closed and will reopen in July 2019.


How should my agency decide which goal to apply under?
Agencies should select the goal(s) in which they believe they can drive results. United Way encourages interested agencies to contact Community Impact staff if they have questions.


What if my program cannot deliver an entire strategy but can deliver a strategy component?
United Way encourages any agency whose program is not comprehensive enough to deliver an entire strategy to collaborate/partner with another agency in the application process to implement the strategy. A formal memorandum of agreement between the two organizations will constitute evidence of the partnership.


Reporting Out

Can the predefined data/reporting  requirements be modified to better fit our program?
No. Programs must report on the predefined data sets as outlined in the NOFO.


Can our agency set its own outcome measures?
No. Outcome measures are predefined for each area (Basic Needs, Priority Goals, Priority Neighborhoods), which allows United Way and its partners to aggregate data. We encourage all agencies to carefully read over the Results Based Accountability (RBA) framework to ensure their program fits within the correct funding area.


How many times per year will the agency be required to report to United Way?
Twice. There will be a mid-year report and an end-of-year report.


Will our program have to collect, track and report on client-level outcomes?
Yes. Your agency is required to maintain a client management system for tracking and assessing client-level outcomes based on your program’s services.



Further Assistance

Who should I contact for assistance with e-CImpact to set up an agency password?
There will be mandatory e-CImpact workshops for all agencies seeking funding. Once completed, your agency will receive its password. For assistance, contact Lorna West at lornaw@nulluwnefl.org
or 904-390-3261.