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Celebrating National Volunteer Week: Core Construction Volunteers (Clay County Habitat For Humanity)

April 14, 2023

For National Volunteer Week, April 16-22, United Way of Northeast Florida asked the community to nominate outstanding volunteers to be recognized on our blog and social media. Congratulations, Core Construction Volunteers! Hear from some of the volunteers and why they are passionate about giving back through Clay County Habitat For Humanity.

Core Construction Volunteers



“Owning a home is not just for the elite, it should be an opportunity for everyone. Therefore, volunteering with an organization, like Habitat, gives those individuals a chance to own their own homes, and it definitely inspires me to lend a helping hand by helping others. Having volunteered with Habitat since 2009, it is delightful to see the looks on the homeowners and their families’ faces when we do their home dedication and they are given the keys to their new home.  That is the reward! Finishing a home and dedicating it to the family, and the homeowners actually walking into their new home is making a real difference. By giving people the opportunity to own a home, regardless of who they are, helps them not to be overlooked and gives them a step up to belong and be part of the community.”



“When I retired from the railroad, Scotty (a long-time volunteer) asked me to help with Habitat and ramp building with the James Boys. The most rewarding aspect is being able to help those with a hand up, NOT a hand out that are not as fortunate as me. Building a wheelchair ramp and seeing tears come down their face at being able to get out of their trailer is when I realized my volunteer efforts were making a difference. Because some government agencies miss individuals that need it the most, we should give back to out community to make it a better place.”



“The first volunteer event that inspired me was building a ramp for an 80 year old mother at Habitat of Goldsboro, N.C. The friendship you develop with other volunteers/workers and the people you meet. The moment I realize my volunteer effort make a real difference is when I see the faces on the homeowners when they receive their home. Not everyone is as fortunate as you are, and it feels good to give back.”



“An active participant I met in my office inspired me to get involved. The most rewarding thing is seeing one to be able to improve one’s life by providing better housing for their children. The moment I realized I was making a difference was seeing homeowner’s success and making their homes decorated and cared for. It’s important to me to help communities who are often overlooked because it is God’s will. I believe in helping others not as fortunate when you can.”



“Upon retirement and moving from New Hampshire, I saw the need for affordable housing through Habitat for Humanity. I like seeing the result of my work. The moment I realized I was making a difference was when I first attended a housing dedication for a new family.”


Interested in becoming an outstanding volunteer like the Core Construction Volunteers?  You can find a variety of community service projects all year long at United Way’s Volunteer Hub. Have any questions about volunteering with United Way and our partners? Email volunteer@nulluwnefl.org.