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AFL Mentor Spotlight: Angela Bridges

February 9, 2016

AFL Mentor Spotlight: Angela Bridges

Angela Bridges, Duval County Public Schools:


1. What do you enjoy the most about mentoring?

You are establishing a meaningful and helpful relationship with a young person.


2. How long have you been mentoring?

Three weeks.


3. What are some of things you and your mentee do during your session?

We talk about everything we have experienced during the week.


4. What inspired you to become a mentor?

The program was presented in our workplace.


5. What are some goals that you and your mentee set?

That she will communicate with me her expectations and reach out for help or assistance when needed.


6. What is your favorite memory with your mentee so far?

I enjoy hearing about Tenisha’s hopes and dreams for the future.


7. Is there anything you would like to share with others about your mentoring experience?

Mentoring gives you a chance to shut out all the noise and demands of every day and really connect to a young person.


Tenisha, sixth grade:


1. What do you like most about your mentor?

My mentor is funny and easy to relate to; it feels as if she is a family member.


2. What is the best advice you have received from your mentor?

Whatever I put my mind to, I can do it. If I put my focus on attending college someday, I can do it.


3. What is your favorite memory with your mentor so far?

When my mentor and I first met, it felt as if I already knew her.


4. What are some accomplishments that you have accomplished with your mentor?

My mentor and I are working toward my goals of staying active and earning good grades.



For information on how you can become an Achievers For Life mentor, visit: www.unitedwaynefl.org/achievers-for-life