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Youth Employment

In Jacksonville, two out of three children born to a family living in the lowest 20 percent of the economic spectrum, will spend their lives at that level, or insignificantly better. Research shows that youth employment and the obtainment of post-secondary credentials can make a significant difference in an individual’s economic mobility. In fact, when we look at the top 100 occupations in Jacksonville, 75 percent require at least a high school diploma and 57 percent require more than a high school diploma.


Thus, the majority of occupations in Jacksonville require that individuals complete additional education after graduating high school in order to obtain a job.


Low-levels of economic mobility can be traced back to five primary factors: residential segregation, income inequality, low school quality, social capital, and family structure. If we look at just one of these factors, income inequality, for Jacksonville we find that in 2014, the median wage for workers of color in Jacksonville was $4 less than the median wage for white workers.


Furthermore, if there had been no racial gaps in income in 2014, the Jacksonville regional economy would have been $8 billion larger (Source: National Equity Atlas).


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