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Internship Experiences: Dahnvonta

July 2, 2015

Dahnvonta, a Youth Employment Program summer intern, at his workspace at JEA.
Dahnvonta, a Youth Employment Program summer intern, at his workspace at JEA.

Hello. My name is Dahnvonta, and this summer I’ve started my first job as an intern with JEA. At first, I honestly didn’t know what to expect and the possibilities that I came up with gave me conflicting feelings as I thought the following.

“Maybe they won’t like me?”
“What if I mess up?”
“Will they even bother to help me?”
“Will I even know what to do?”

Before I even set foot into the building, I was somewhat nervous and slightly paranoid looking around at every person I passed. As soon as my manager/mentor, Mr. Burns, introduced me to his co-workers… well, he referred to them as his team, I almost instantly felt that paranoia disappear. Ms. Stanford was also very kind and helpful to me, and I’m working with her on a project now researching career information from various sites.

Strangely enough, I could feel myself relax. They welcomed me with open arms, including the manager above my manager. I honestly expected everyone to just ignore me.

I was also introduced to many other workers on other floors in many different fields of work showing me that the things I was expecting were nothing more than a brief illusion within my mind.
Shortly after being introduced to everyone, I was shown where I was to work, and it was surprisingly clean and calm. I instantly knew where to put my things that I brought with me; then I was given an assignment, which I quickly dispatched without wasting time.

Not saying that jobs are easy, but I am saying that once I can focus on the work and stop focusing on the people possibly glaring at my back, I can quickly rid myself of the work or task and I believe it’s the same standard for everyone when it comes to focusing.

Throughout my first day, almost everyone I came across was willing to help me without a second’s hesitation.

The nice people and the feeling of being appreciated keeps going. Although I may not express it all too well, I am grateful to have this opportunity and privilege of being an intern with JEA and also being in the United Way program.