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AFL Mentor Spotlight: Molly Miles

September 22, 2016

Daija, Molly & Akoi - 2016
Molly has had the privilege to serve as ‘Big Sister’ to two students enrolled in the Achievers for Life program at Ribault Middle School – Daija and Akoi.


In Their Words…

Mentor – Molly Miles

Molly Miles is a VP of Marketing with Availity, a healthcare technology company based in Jacksonville, FL. Molly has had the privilege to serve as ‘Big Sister’ to two students enrolled in the Achievers for Life program at Ribault Middle School – Daija and Akoi. This school year will mark her second year being matched with her Littles. When asked to share of her experience in the program thus far, Molly replied:

I think most all mentors sign up with Achievers for Life for the same reason: to give back. That’s certainly why I decided to mentor, and I came into this experience with little to no expectations about how mentoring would affect me personally, and focused solely on how I might be able to help a child.  What I found was that I am learning far more from them than they may be from me.”
Adding, “ Daija and Akoi have made a life-changing impact on me. They’ve changed the way I see the world. In addition, I have two lovely young ladies who I am privileged to call my friends.  I look forward to seeing them every week!

Molly is one of several employees from Availity who volunteers as a mentor to their Little on a weekly basis with an Achievers for Life student at Ribault Middle School. Molly is married and lives in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL with her husband, Matt and their two children, Hudson and Claire. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family outdoors and watching Ohio State football.

Mentees – Daija Eberhart & Akoi Brown

Daija and Akoi were asked to describe their experience in the program and being matched with Molly. This is what they shared In Their Words…


“Last year she really helped me out with math. So much so that this year I’m doing better by utilizing the strategies she taught me. I’ve applied them this year and it has helped.”

“She is a really good mentor, she means a lot to me. I usually don’t get this close to people and I got close to her. If I had one wish for her it would be for her to achieve whatever goal she has not achieved yet.”


“Last year, it was fun being matched with Molly. I like to learn about new people; she really gave me that insight. I also got to be with my best friend, Daija. Molly cared for both of us. She would bring us lunch on her visits. She didn’t have to but she did it.”

“She means a lot to me because she really showed that she cares. She’s really nice, caring, loving and considerate of others and showed that when she helped me and Daija.   I hope to learn from her that everything is possible. She can help me even though she’s not related to me. If I had one wish for her I would hope that her husband and kids stay safe even when I’ve moved on to college. I hope that she is living well because she deserves it.”